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Antworx provides unique services

Rooms for an

individual person

What is included in rent payment? 

  • A room for an individual person (Price per person)
  • Cleaning services of the common areas, every other week
  • Laundry on-site (24/7 where is available)
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • Parking area (where is available)
  • and all utilities included! 

One small rent for a big service ! DO THE MATHS

House for male, female, or co-ed

Antworx has...

Furnished or unfurnished rooms

Twin, full or Queen Beds

Complete furniture sets

TV , Mini fridge

...and much, more

         More amenities...

  • Rooms for an individual person in separate houses for male, female, or co-ed) (Price per person)
  • Free Internet Wi-Fi 3 Mb/s 2.4-GHz or
  • Internet Wi-Fi 15 Mb/s 5-GHz Data usage 500 GB per month or
  • Internet with speed upgrades 40, 100, 150 Mb/s, Dedicated Internet, Dedicated SSID, Dedicated Access point ( additional Cost)
  • Quiet and organized places
  • Luxury furniture (some houses)
  • Washer and Dryer on - site
  • Every other week cleaning services of the common areas (Free of charge)
  • Perfect for students, non-students, or those who work, and people in transition, Internships, etc.
  • Granite counter tops
  • Unfurnished, or furnished rooms with twin or Queen Beds (additional cost)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Winter services (snow removal, ice melt... etc.)
  • Summer services (landscaping, etc.)
  • Fridge and micro available in each room (additional cost)
  • Central air and furnace working 24/7/365
  • Parking space available for only one car and off street
  • 10 minutes from SLC Airport
  • 10 minutes to Super Center Wal-Mart, and commercial area.
  • Bus HUB located at the north side of the campus
  • Houses located to the west side of Taylorsville College campus
  • Not party houses,
  • see pics by clicking at Taylorsville Rooms 84129

    West Valley location

  • New upgraded rooms; only 3 per apartment,
  • Each room has included a mini-fridge and a microwave,
  • Private bathroom for downstairs room.
  • Upstairs sharing a full bath.
  • All amenities are the same as Taylorsville area
  • See pics by clicking at West Valley Rooms 84120
  • Price per person
  • and much more...

 Background check and references are MANDATORY

House Rules:

  • Clean, Quiet and organized place is required all the time
  • House must be quiet enough to allow other tenants to sleep, study, and live peacefully.


  • Parties, loud music, or any situation that might annoy other tenants.
  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs or drinking anywhere of the property.
  • Pets or domestic animals are allowed anywhere on the property. (unless is a service Animal)

House cleaning Rules:

  • When every other week cleaning services are performed, all stuff which is not in its place, will be placed outside the house on the rear deck area. If these items remain outside for one day; it will be thrown away in the garbage.
  • Cleaning services are included every other week in your rent payment, however tenants are still responsible for CLEANING up after themselves and this means all appliances they have used such as oven range, cabinets, stove, microwave, fridge, sink, drawers and dishwasher, etc. A $350 Cleaning FEE will have applied to tenants who do not keep the areas they have used clean.
  • The included cleaning services will allow tenants to live in clean and sanitized house; floors will be cleaned and toilets cleaned and general dusting and sanitation it is by no means a substitution for the required duty that all tenants have to clean up after themselves.
  • The house is fumigated, inside and outside, twice a year or more as necessary (inside means inside your room too)


  • Laundry time is allowed from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm. Every day (24/7 only where laundry is located outside the houses)
  • Always remove lint from the dryer’s filter and clean up after yourself in the laundry area.

    All pictures are only for reference. We highly recommend to take a look at the desired area. 

It is highly recommended that you use this web page to reserve your room. Please note, that once the semester has started there are too many requests for housing by students and others looking to rent in this desirable area. Rooms for rent are limited. If you prefer to call you may do so; however consideration will be given first to those who reserve online. 

     Rents starting from $399 to $599.-

      (Depending on the services and additional furniture or appliances requested)

Mailing Address

PO BOX 9474

Salt Lake City Utah

84109-0474 USA

Location for reference of the places (Google it):

Taylorsville locations:

2295W called Knights bridge Road and

4520S called Tottenham Ct Rd or Court Road

Taylorsville, Utah 84129-6043

2295w, 4520s, Taylotsville Utah, 84129.

West Valley location 

4800W 4100S West Valley City 84120

To schedule an appointment...

TEXT, email Roger (801) 604-2321


Mon - Saturday: 11AM - 2PM

Sat: 11AM - 2PM

Sun: Closed is neither part of nor sponsored by any college or university.”

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